details about the women's sales fellowship


Company Information

WILL REED is a member-only technology sales recruiting firm founded in 2015 that offers a redemptive edge to the recruiting industry. WILL REED works with the top 5% of sales talent as career-long coaches and advisors, offering a professional, personalized, and relational process to every candidate.

Fellowship Overview

Located in Dallas, Texas, the Women’s Sales Fellowship is a 10-week summer internship that exists to introduce and ignite a revolution of women leaders within sales. Top-performing college women will be trained as full-time WILL REED recruiters as well as complete a tech sales bootcamp curriculum, built in partnership with sponsors and clients.

Statistically, women in tech sales are more successful than their male counterparts. Our internship was developed in order to expose more women to the opportunities within technology sales. Similar to the Women in STEM movement, WILL REED is passionate about equipping women to succeed in one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Overall Fellowship Objectives

For WILL REED Fellows, the experience should:

  • Provide a thorough knowledge of professional leadership skills, sales skills, marketing strategy, and recruiting as a profession

  • Result in a job offer from WILL REED as a recruiter or industry job as a tech sales representative

  • Develop long term professional connections

  • Develop long term friendship with the Fellow class

  • Provide a behind-the-scenes, deep-dive look into an entrepreneurial venture

Where are the Fellows from?

WILL REED hand selected 93 female college students from Texas A&M University, Baylor University, University of Texas at Austin, Dallas Baptist University, and Oklahoma State University. These women were selected based off the leadership they exhibited on their college campuses as well as an evident interest in entrepreneurial ventures.

What was the selection process? 

  • September to October: Phone Screens (Pitching the Internship)
  • October 9-13: Phone Interviews
  • October 16: Invitation to WILL REED Super Day in Dallas (via email)
  • October 23-24: WILL REED Super Day
  • October 27: Offers extended
  • November 3: Candidate Decision Day

When is the Fellowship?

June 4 - August 10, 2018

Where will the Fellows be located?

They will work from the WILL REED Headquarters in Uptown, Dallas. The Fellows will be living in a house in Uptown Dallas for the duration of the summer.

Are the Fellows being compensated?

Yes, the Fellows will be receiving full time pay as WILL REED employees for the summer.