What is Will Reed?

Will Reed is a technology sales recruiting firm founded in 2015 that partners with innovative tech companies and VC-backed startups to provide the top sales talent needed to actualize growth strategies.

Representing only the top 5% of sales candidates and tech companies, Will Reed’s exclusive community is able to attract high-quality candidates and employers for mutual benefit.

In addition, Will Reed is leading the movement to educate high-achieving young women about the technology sales industry. Will Reed is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with markets in Dallas and Austin, and plans to expand to more locations and positions in the near future.

Read more about Paige Robinson, CEO + Founder of Will Reed.

What is the Women's Sales Fellowship?

Located in Dallas, Texas, the Women’s Sales Fellowship is a 10-week summer internship that exists to ignite a revolution of women leaders within sales. Top-performing college women will be trained as Will Reed recruiters as well as complete a tech sales bootcamp curriculum.

Although women in sales are statically just as successful as their male counterparts, they are severely underrepresented in the industry. Our internship was developed in order to expose more women to the opportunities within sales. Similar to the Women in STEM movement, Will Reed is passionate about equipping women to succeed in a career path they might have never previously considered.

Read a note from our CEO, Paige Robinson, about the Women’s Sales Fellowship.

What is the Suite?

The Suite is the name of the group of Fellows in the Women’s Sales Fellowship. We landed on this name for the group because these ladies are on their way to the C-Suite. Plus, they are pretty sweet too...

When does the Fellowship start and end?

The Women’s Sales Fellowship is 10 weeks from June to August 2019. Official start dates will be released during the interview process but will align with standard internships.

Is this a paid internship?


Where is Will Reed?

Will Reed HQ is located in Uptown Dallas. Our address is 2626 Cole Avenue, Suite 622, Dallas, Texas 75204.

How can I best prepare for the interview process?

As you can see from the steps listed on the main page, we take the Fellowship interview process very seriously. The culture at Will Reed is very special and something we want to protect as we grow. As far as tangible preparation tips, we are going to leave that up to you! We want to see what you bring to the table. What we can say is that Will Reed like to see candidates treat an interview process as a sales process. We are your prospect. Just as much as we are selling you on why this could the best summer of your life, you are selling us on why you think you would be a fit.

What is Super Day?

Super Day is a two-day in person interview at the Will Reed Headquarters in Uptown Dallas on October 22-23. Candidates will be thoroughly evaluated through behavioral interviews, a case study, and a sales presentation. Housing and meals will be provided. (Not to mention… you will have a ton of fun staying in a nice hotel in Dallas and going to happy hour with the Will Reed team!)

How many Fellows are in a class?

We are not just looking to fill seats. While we have a number in mind of five to eight Fellows in 2019, Will Reed will hire the best of the best - whether that is more or less than our target.

What are the office hours?

The Will Reed office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 6pm.

What is expected of the Fellow?

During the summer, Will Reed treats the Fellows like full-time employees. That means we give the Fellows real assignments and deadlines, include them in meetings, and invite them to team events. In return, we ask that the Fellows treat Will Reed like their employer. From showing up on time every day, to accomplishing assignments by their due dates, to contributing to our culture, the Fellows demonstrate to us that they’d make a committed full-time employee (whether that is with us or another dream employer).

Give me a one-minute overview of what summer is like.

While it has the potential to be the best summer of your life, it is no cake walk. At Will Reed, we work hard. We expect our Fellows to take an “owner’s mentality.” Whether that means emptying the dishwasher or helping a recruiter source a few more candidates, we like to see people who step up to the plate without being asked. We can promise you that if you give the team your all, you will get the same in return. The first three weeks of summer will be intense training on recruiting and the tech sales industry to get you up to speed on how to recruit at Will Reed. After three weeks, you will start sourcing and messaging high quality candidates to set up on calls with full-time Will Reed recruiters. You will also be in charge of managing and launching your own Fellows’ summer project. Speaking of which...

What is our summer-long project you keep mentioning?  

Using peer-to-peer influence, the Fellows, with their newfound sales knowledge and skills, will compile The Portfolio, a 100-person resume book of qualified female college students who are interested in interviewing with tech companies for full-time sales positions following their graduation. These candidates are given early access to interview processes at the most prestigious tech companies in Texas.

The Fellows will source, reach out to, and “sell” candidates on the opportunity to interview to be included in The Portfolio. After a competitive interview process, the Fellows will select the top 100 women; but the project does not end there. The Fellows will help the candidates clean up their resumes and LinkedIns in order to prepare for their upcoming interviews in the Fall.

Is housing provided?

Yes, Will Reed will provide a house for the Fellows to live in during their summer in Dallas.

Is living in the house required?

While it is not required, it is highly encouraged for Will Reed Fellows to live in the housing provided.

When does the application close?

The application for Summer 2019 closes on September 21, 2018.

What is the webinar? Do I have to go?

The webinar is an informational presentation by Will Reed’s 2019 Fellowship Director, Caroline Kelly, to give candidates an overview of the interview process and the summer. This will be a great time to ask any questions that may have come up during your application process. It is mandatory for all applicants.

What should I make my sales pitch about?

Anything you like! Really. We decided to make this a part of the application because we truly are looking for ladies with a passion for sales. Whether you have considered a career in sales before or not, you are likely selling in some capacity every day. Remember when you convinced your roommates to go get tacos at 2AM? Or how about your part-time job selling tickets on game day? That’s all sales, ladies! Sales has been getting a bad rep for long enough. Let’s make it fun! (Side note: Read this blog on why starting your career in sales is a fabulous idea.)

All this to say, in your video sell us on anything that gets you pumped, whether that is your favorite athleisure brand or why you think naps are important.

What if I cannot make it to the webinar or Super Day?

These are important parts of the interview process, however, we understand that you may have extenuating circumstances. Please reach out to Fellowship Director Caroline Kelly at caroline.kelly@willreedjobs.com if you have any conflicts.

Will I get a full-time offer at the end of summer?

Full-time offers are not guaranteed. The Fellows will be able to compete to receive a full-time offer from Will Reed as a recruiter following their graduation. (In fact, two of the 2018 Fellows will be joining the Will Reed team shortly!) Even if you decide Will Reed is not the place for you, we are always in your corner. We will help prepare you for the job search as you approach graduation. We are a recruiting company! This is what we do!

Where can I see more about the Women’s Sales Fellowship?

Great question! Read through the blog from last summer that was written and created by the Fellows. It will give you a great taste of what is to come in 2019. And of course, follow us on all social media platforms. The Will Reed Suite has its own Instagram that is definitely worth a follow!

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