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Women's Sales Fellowship 
Hosted by Will Reed in Dallas, Texas
June 3 - August 9
Applications are
now closed for Summer 2019.


The Women’s Sales Fellowship is a 10-week summer internship program for top-performing college women.

The Fellowship exists to introduce college women to a career in sales following graduation by providing hands-on experience and sales training.

Recruiting | Women's Sales Fellowship 2019
Marketing | Women's Sales Fellowship 2019
Leadership | Women's Sales Fellowship 2019
Sales | Women's Sales Fellowship 2019
Experience | Women's Sales Fellowship 2019

Beyond learning the world of recruiting, the
Women's Sales Fellowship is about making lasting connections.


Paid Internship
Housing Provided
Client Off-sites
Monthly Cultural Events
Potential for Offer

Unlimited Snacks
Snappy Casual Attire
Keynote Speakers
Pink Couch (enough said...)


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Interview | Women's Sales Fellowship 2019

The Women's Sales Fellowship interview process is extremely competitive with applicants from top universities across the United States.

Candidates will be reviewed based on initial applications, phone interviews, and in-person "Super Day" at the Will Reed HQ in Dallas, Texas -- with cuts made after each round.


September 3
September 19-20
October 1-12
October 3

October 22-23
October 24-31

Applications Open
Facebook Live Informationals
Phone Interviews
Applications Close
Super Day in Dallas
Final Decisions

Meet | Women's Sales Fellowship 2019

Don't let our trendy Uptown office confuse you... Will Reed is still a startup at heart. During the summer, you will sit just a few seats away from the CEO while interacting with the full-time team every day.

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"The best thing about this summer was the exposure I got to the tech industry. My experiences this summer gave me a direction for my career post-graduation. I am leaving this summer more confident in myself and in what type of job my skill set fits."

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"Vocation is not often found by chance. It’s something we must pursue, and we must help others find. At Will Reed, we consider it a privilege to do this daily. The Women’s Sales Fellowship offers a very tangible way to help others find their vocational calling at a pivotal point in life. Thank you all for partnering with us in this important endeavor."

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"The people were the best thing about this summer. I say this every day - to myself, to friends, to anyone who sees our Instagram - this company is everything because of the people and the stories deeply woven into the fabric of who Will Reed is. It’s a community. It’s a lifestyle. It’s inviting!"

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Facebook Live Informational
September 19, 2018

Will Reed is an equal opportunity employer and encourages everyone to apply to join our team. We embrace diversity and inclusivity for every individual that walks through our doors or interacts with our team. We will always seek to recruit, train, retain, and empower the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool.