Week 9 by the Will Reed Fellows

As our time as Will Reed Fellows draws to a close, we are spending this week deliberately strengthening friendships and diving into questions about next steps. By the end of next week, we will be completing our last calls for The Portfolio, tidying our recruiting calendars, and learning from our last keynote speakers.

We are looking forward to what our futures hold. Thankfully, Will Reed is walking alongside us throughout this process. We could not be more thankful!

Those of us who have chosen to interview for a full-time role at Will Reed eagerly await our interviews this upcoming Monday. Several of us drank the technology sales kool-aid and are interviewing with some of our phenomenal clients. For the rest of us, Will Reed has enabled us to take the next step in advancing our career in other industries such as marketing, consulting, and public relations. This summer, Will Reed equipped us with career-long resources and encouraged us to be faithful to our passions.

Soon there will be eight empty chairs and two cleared out tables in Will Reed HQ… but we aren't out of here just yet! Until August 10th, you can catch us at our Uptown Dallas house eating Tiff's Treats, sitting in the Sunshine Nook building the final stages of The Portfolio, or continuing to provide the loudest laughter in the office. These Fellows aren't ready to say goodbye just yet!

Sunshine Nook | Will Reed Dallas

The Curriculum

Will May | Go Above and Beyond

VP of Worldwide Inside Sales, AppDynamics

After walking into the Will Reed office with AppDynamics gifts in hand, Will May painted a picture of his success story and readily answered our burning questions. He immediately recognized many of us from our visit to the AppD office a few weeks ago, quickly proving his impressive memory and how much he truly values people. It probably helps that he is an avid Will Reed Instagram “story watcher” too...

As the fourth person hired in the AppDynamics Dallas office, Will set the stage for the company’s culture by paving a way for excellence and going many extra miles. “The first three- to six-month period at any job is a matter of building your presence. First impressions matter.” Will suggested that at any job, avoid using PTO right off the bat. Show up early, stay late, and work hard. His personal key to success is to build strong habits: go to bed early, ask good questions, keep yourself organized, and write your priorities down. As Ben Franklin said, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Elise Balliro | “Figure out what works for you, and don’t apologize for it.”

Manager, Bain & Company 

Elise was the perfect person to spend our lunch hour with on Friday. As we look toward the future, we are wondering if we will find a company that will combine our passions with our everyday work, and Elise was able to give us some serious encouragement.

In her role at Bain, Elise has the privilege of working closely with the Inspirational Leadership Team, showing firsthand how imperative it is for a business to have inspired employees. Elise encouraged us to start paying attention to the the things that work for us, as well as the things that don’t. “You’re not going to figure yourself out tomorrow, but start listening to yourself today.”

Elise Balliro Will Reed

The Portfolio

Our summer project, The Portfolio, is a compilation of profiles of the top 100 college women nationwide who have demonstrated an interest in technology sales. Our vision was to introduce college women to the tech sales industry as they take their first steps into the workforce.

Nine weeks later, The Portfolio is officially complete! After sourcing over 600 qualified women, we interviewed and selected the final top 100. We coached the candidates on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles in order to ensure that everything is polished and professional. We are so excited for these women and this movement!

The Culture

Jennie Allen | “I always hire to my weakness. When I look around my office, I see a lot of people who are strong where I am weak.”

Author + Founder of the IF Gathering

This week, the office was buzzing with excitement as the well-known author, Jennie Allen, graced our office with a conversational Q&A. From big laughs to vulnerable conversations about fostering community within a company, Jennie shared her heart behind the empire of empowerment she has curated. Jennie spoke to how she builds teams to maximize her strengths (big ideas and dreams) and fill the gaps of her weaknesses (processes and details). As a leader, she has learned how to recognize when her team is overwhelmed and when she needs to tone down her role as the “Dreamer” and turn up her role as the “Cheerleader.”

Jennie Allen | Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

Final Fellow Goodbyes

Jami Albert | Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

Jami Albert

This picture describes my summer… While our office may be cold, I am always smiling because I love Will Reed, and Tiff’s Treats are never in short supply!

The headline of this summer would be… A Summer of Learning, Growth, and Full Immersion into a Growing Industry

Sales is… the art of providing a solution to a customer's problem by proving your product's or service's value.

Recruiting is… the process of finding, vetting, and supporting high-talent candidates into jobs that align with their strengths and values.

Looking back, I wish… I would have heard about technology sales earlier. This summer was my first look into the tech sales industry, and I have come to find how innovative and extremely valuable this industry is becoming.

The best thing about this summer… was immersion in a culture that helped me learn more than I could have imagined. The exposure that this internship offers is unbelievable in that I was able to experience multiple different industries, including recruiting, sales, PR, and marketing. By getting to work in each of these industries, I was able to grasp more of what a business as a whole needs to be successful, as well as learn more about how to operate successfully in a team.

My biggest takeaway… Professionalism and hard work are two key factors to make you stand out in the workplace. Anticipating needs, never presenting a problem without a proposed solution, and being fully prepared are just three out of the many components of professionalism I learned about during my time at Will Reed. Seeing these qualities modeled by the full-time staff is what truly revealed going the extra mile is what provides the most value to your employer.

Caroline Richardson | Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

Caroline Richardson

The headline of this summer would be… Will Reed: Working with Your Role Models 101

Sales is… opening doors to endless solutions and building relationships that matter.

Recruiting is… connecting stellar people with a job where they never have a Monday!

Looking back, I wish… I had worked for Will Reed the summer before my senior year! The professional training, the routine, the organization and the skills I learned here could’ve been SO helpful in college and have well-equipped me for the “real world!"

The best thing about this summer… was the people. I say this every day - to myself, to friends, to anyone who sees our Instagram - this company is everything because of the people and the stories deeply woven into the fabric of who Will Reed is. It’s a community. It’s a lifestyle. It’s inviting!  

My biggest takeaway… Faithfulness in the little things matters. In every conversation, in every task, we’ve been taught the importance of adding value in every avenue of work. The small tasks are just as important as (and most often lead to) the big ones. Throughout it all, we are encouraged to value and establish life-balance. The tool belt I have gained at Will Reed enhances my capabilities as a co-worker, a friend, a daughter and all the other roles I play.

Madison Codney | Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

Madison Codney

The headline of the summer would be… Relational + Professional + Purposeful = The Concoction to Fall in Love with Your Job

Sales is… the art and science of relationship-building. Sometimes it is a sprint, other times it is a marathon. But the finish line always exists as the solution to a complex problem and the celebration of multidimensional trust.

Recruiting is… the art and science of making other people great. It is not only showing a candidate a door that they wouldn’t necessarily find on their own, it is holding that door open as they walk through it.

Looking back, I wish… I would have had the boldness from the start to seek the mentorship I have received in these final weeks. Full-time teammates and our fearless WSF leaders have taught me what true investment in another human looks like. I just wish I would stepped forward and asked the big questions earlier.

The best thing about this summer… was the stories I have heard. There is a certain joy that exudes from a candidate or a co-worker when sharing a part of their story that is meaningful to them. Interwoven in everyone’s journey are unique stories and I have treasured all the ones that I have been entrusted with.

My biggest takeaway…. Your work should have daily purpose. Every day that you walk into your office, call a candidate, set foot on your college campus, construct a vision for your company, or interact with co-workers, it should have purpose. Purpose is not perfection. Perfection is not a sustainable way to add value, but purpose is.

Meredith Corts | Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

Meredith Corts

This picture describes my summer… Future so bright WR gave me shades to look it straight in the face! Thanks, WR.  

The headline of this summer would be… Feedback, Whatcha Gonna Do with It?

Sales is… more than just a mere function, it is the fuel that sustains the business.

Recruiting… offers humans an alternative career trajectory that might just be the change they were looking for, at just the right time.

Looking back, I wish… I had kept a consistent notebook with all my to-do lists, feedback and speaker notes. That book would be worth a pretty penny to me now.  

The best thing about this summer… was living and working in close quarters with the brightest and most dynamic peers I have known. When I played high-school sports I was told that I could only get better if I played on a team where my teammates were exponentially more skilled than I was… let me tell you, that was true at Will Reed.

My biggest takeaway… The one common characteristic between all of our speakers (from every background you can imagine): the cultivated curiosity behind a full to overflowing bookshelf.

Corinne Caraway | Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

Corinne Caraway

This picture describes my summer... This is my favorite picture Marketing Meg snagged of just me this summer. Will Reed caught me in what should've been the most hectic season of my life so far--post-grad. And yet here I am, not feeling hectic at all. The days can be long, and the job is definitely challenging, but I couldn’t imagine starting out anywhere else.

The headline of this summer would be... Everything with Excellence.

Sales is... identifying a need and simply asking, “Can I help you meet that need?”

Recruiting is... helping people match their passions with their vocation.

Looking back, I wish... I had read more of the books in our Sunshine Nook! We have so many great, inspiring reads available to us, and I just didn’t have enough time to get through all of them.

The best thing about this summer... has been falling back in love with my mornings. Moments alone are few and far between in a house of eight women, but the early hours of the morning make the house still and quiet, perfect for me and my cinnamon coffee. This summer reminded me that it is essential for me to recenter and refocus before the world around me wakes up.    

My biggest takeaway… No matter what industry I end up in, sales is going to play a role in the work I do. I’m always going to be selling a product, a service, or my abilities, and realizing that has shifted my view of sales as a whole into a more positive light.  

Haleigh Hurst | Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

Haleigh Hurst

This pictures describes my summer... Rain or shine, I took every call I could in the Sunshine Nook!

The headline of this summer would be…Take the Time to Build Relationships with the People Around You

Sales is… creatively offering a solution.

Recruiting is… guiding candidates on a path towards their dream career destination.

Looking back, I wish… I had gotten over my cold-calling jitters sooner!

The best thing about this summer… was the amount of constant learning that I was able to experience. From shadowing client offices and learning from their employees to listening to the women sitting right next to me, I never went a day without acquiring knowledge.

My biggest takeaway… Find somewhere you are comfortable to fail. If there is anything that I have learned this summer, it is to embrace the mistakes. Understand where you fall short and surround yourself with people who can help you learn from your weaknesses.

Tori Forbess | Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

Tori Forbess

This picture describes my summer… Haleigh and I stumbled across this sign one Saturday morning as we explored Bishop Arts District. Our slight confusion quickly turned to elation when we recognized that it was Christmas in July. Looking back, this was not the first time I experienced this “puzzled to thrilled” emotion this summer. I have learned a lot about myself in the past ten weeks – and it has been blissfully confusing and exciting all at the same time!

The headline of this summer would be… Take the Adventure that has been Set Before You. Work Hard and Challenge Yourself to be a Perpetual Learner

Sales is… the crossroad between science and art.

Recruiting is… an investment in people’s lives. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a person happy in his or her vocation.

Looking back, I wish… I would have asked more questions! Never be ashamed to learn something new.

The best thing about this summer… was the exposure I got to the tech industry. My experiences this summer gave me a direction for my career post-graduation. I am leaving this summer more confident in myself and in what type of job my skill set fits.

My biggest takeaway... Make strategic career moves. Think about where you want to be in 10 years and only take opportunities that align with that goal.

Shelby Viereck | Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

Shelby Viereck

This picture describes my summer… Will Reed is the best, and I’m engaged! 

The headline of this summer would be… You HAVE to Go into Tech. There’s No Smarter Career Move

Sales is…. listening. Finding pain points. Solving BIG problems.

Recruiting is… finding the best fit, and nothing short of that.

Looking back, I wish… I would’ve put more of the tactical sales skills we learned into practice.

The best thing about this summer… was Living and working with seven incredible women. Not only did I learn from the Fellows at work, but I also learned from them over dinner, long walks in our glorious neighborhood, or Sunday evenings while writing our weekly reflections.

My biggest takeaway… My motivation comes from making a difference in someone’s life. Yes, goals are of the utmost importance, but there is nothing greater than helping someone pursue their dreams. The moment a candidate texts you, ecstatic and so grateful to be in The Portfolio, you know none of your hard work was in vain.

This post was written by the Will Reed Fellows 2018, also known as "The Suite."

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