Week 8 Recap by Corinne Caraway

We walk into every week with Will Reed a little calmer, a little steadier, and a little more confident, and Week 8 was no exception. Between working to meet call goals and finalizing the next steps of The Portfolio, the Fellows have truly found the rhythm of the work day. We crank out projects together around our favorite table in the Dallas Conference Room, and encourage each other every time a cold call comes our way. Going home to cook and catch an episode of The Carrie Diaries has become the daily plan for lunch, and a walk to the Starbucks up the street refreshes us in the afternoon.

We had a sweet surprise on Monday when Caroline’s mom brought the newest addition to their family for visit. Honey, the two-month-old corgi, ran circles around our office, spreading her energy to the whole team. Obviously, we all had to pause our workflow for a puppy-centered photoshoot that left us smiling for the rest of the day.   

The Curriculum

Debra Von Storch | “Connect your passion, profession, and purpose.”

Partner, Americas Entrepreneur Of The Year® Leader, Southwest Region Growth Markets Leader, EY

From the moment Debra walked in the door on Tuesday, she was shaking hands and learning names, making each of us feel known. She was thrilled to be in a space full of women with big questions to ask. We soon learned that Debra’s passions include connecting with people, gathering information, and sharing what she knows. It’s these passions that have successfully carried Debra through a thirty-six year career with Ernst and Young.

Debra was quick to let us know that she doesn’t believe in work-life balance, only life balance. So as she walked us through her life instead of just her career, we were introduced to the many words that could describe Debra: successful, balanced, opportunist, world-traveler, self-proclaimed foodie... the list could go on! However, the recurring role she found herself playing and loving the most was the role of Mom.       

When we asked what the secret was to a career like hers, the answer was simple, “Connect your passion, profession, and purpose.” Debra has donned many hats during her time at EY, but her heart lies with her current role as Americas Entrepreneur Of The Year® Leader. Taking on this leadership role allowed Debra to combine her passion for people with her chosen profession, which pushed her towards her purpose of helping companies grow and succeed. Or in other words, be the “mom” to countless companies.

Paige Robinson | Sales Bootcamp: Overcoming Objections  

CEO + Founder, Will Reed

Objections are inevitable in any line of work, but Monday morning our fearless CEO sat down with us to talk about overcoming them. When we hop on the phone with someone and they aren't picking up what we’re putting down, Paige encouraged us to stop and listen. Are they objecting based on fact or feeling? Is it truly in their best interest to use our product? If the answer is "yes," then we shouldn’t be afraid to be persuasive and persistent!  

“To persuade someone you have to be genuinely interested in them. Ask questions and pay attention to what they need. The goal is to create value and create trust with the client.” - Paige Robinson

The Culture

Christmas Cookies in July

“The Fellows all sat by the door and stared, in hopes that fresh Tiff’s Treats soon would be there…”

With the A/C cranked up and Michael Bublé on a loop, Christmas in July was in full swing Wednesday night at the Fellows' House. A special delivery of Tiff’s Treats was on its way, so we decked ourselves in candy cane colors, pulled the Christmas tree out of storage, and threw ourselves the best Christmas party July has ever seen.

Waiting for fresh Tiff’s is a lot like waiting for Santa - full of anticipation and glee. The ringing doorbell brought shouts of cheer from the Fellows, and we were overjoyed to find twelve dozen perfectly packaged cookies and an assortment of other goodies waiting on our porch. We realized Tiff’s Treats had a list and checked it twice when every Fellow found a box under the tree with her name on it. With nothing left to do but eat and be merry, we did just that.  Saying we had a sweet night would definitely be an understatement!

About Me

Why did you join Will Reed?

Will Reed may just be the happiest accident of my life. I pursued this opportunity because a summer in Uptown Dallas with my best friend and fellow girl boss, Madison Codney, felt like a great way to start post-grad life. However, it was the women of Will Reed that convinced me to take the offer. I wanted to learn all I could from these women the second I met them. If taking a job here would let me into their world, I was all in.

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What do you hope to get from the summer?

Relationships have become my endgame here. I cannot say enough about the quality of women I am surrounded by each day. I’m learning so much about an industry through my work that I had no clue about, but it’s the seven other Fellows and the full time team that have proven that I learn the most from the people around me. The relationships that I have been able to foster over this summer are what I hope to carry with me into the next chapter of my life.    

How’s it going so far?

No complaints here! I’m living in a small castle in the middle of Uptown with some stellar women, working in an office that has a Sunshine Nook for reading, and experiencing a work culture that cares about my wellbeing. Will Reed has given me room to fail, encouraged me to succeed, and helped me identify the ways I work best. It is a pleasure to be a part of the first class of Will Reed Fellows, and I know this summer has prepared me for my future in more ways than one.    

This post was written by Corinne Caraway, Will Reed Fellow 2018.