Week 6 Recap by Caroline Richardson

Interviews, field trips, and Hairspray... oh my! 

Coming off a mid-week holiday, the Fellows are back in the groove. We finally know what day it is! I would even like to call us a well-oiled machine at this point. With our 9am meetings to map out the day, interviews until lunch, and sourcing and messaging after lunch, we have discovered the best ways to be efficient and build routines. On top of that...field trips! We had the chance to get an inside look at a couple of our rockstar clients’ Dallas offices: AppDynamics and AppFolio. We also heard from the inspirational Maritza Patel from Door to finish off the week strong. Oh, and the Fellows organized our own field trip on Thursday night to go see Hairspray the Musical at the Winspear Opera House. Nothing like a night of bonding over girl power and show tunes.

The Curriculum

Maritza Patel | “Hope is NOT a strategy.”

Maritza is truly a jack of all trades, and a master of all of them. She is a Renaissance woman. From her award-winning career to managing two kids, two dogs, and two guinea pigs, Maritza integrates all aspects of her life, while championing the motto, “Hope is not a strategy." She reminded us that hoping for your dreams to come true won't get you there. You've got to have a plan.

After spending three years in the hotel business, then nine years at Rackspace, Maritza now utilizes her expertise as a Listing Agent + Implementation Director at Door, a next generation real estate platform.

She presented her Career Development Plan to the Will Reed Team and shared the importance of a vision board. “Never be in a position where it has been 5 years and you haven’t looked at your career path. If you can see your plan and your goal, you are moving closer and closer to it everyday.”

Cait Phelan + Callie Groshek | Sales Bootcamp: Cold Calling

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. Apparently, Eminem had his fair share of cold calling. However, we got over the “first call jitters” pretty quickly as our afternoons consist of conversations with The Portfolio candidates, screening and selecting the best of the best. With Cait and Callie’s tips and tricks, we are fully prepared to reach out in confidence and with a smile, redeeming recruiting one cold call at a time.

"Make your call personal and purposeful! If you don't have something valuable to say... then come up with something and share it with excitement." - Cait

"Smile, dial - and remember there is just another person on the other line. Convey value in every call or voicemail you make. If you can't give them something, they won't be willing to give you anything."  - Callie

Sarah McArthur | Sales Bootcamp: Setting Firm Meetings

Picture this: you connect on LinkedIn. You send several messages back and forth, both parties expressing their excitement for getting to talk about the opportunity further. You set a time and send a calendar invite. You dial their number, and… nothing. Like being stood up on the first date, rejection and discouragement could follow, but not at Will Reed. Persistence when setting meetings shows we care and are offering candidates a better alternative to their current situation.

"Ghosted? Challenge accepted. Get them on the phone." - Sarah

The Culture

Did someone say offsite? This week we busted out of our sunshine-filled office to visit the bustling offices of two wonderful clients: AppDynamics + AppFolio.

AppDynamics hosted a female-centric panel and an afternoon of shadowing. We were furiously taking notes during the panel, absorbing all of the generous wisdom and advice from these incredibly accomplished sales professionals. When shadowing, we were each paired with an “AppDynamo” and had the opportunity to sit in on calls, meetings, and observe as they answered emails and responded to customers… all while watching the World Cup, of course.

At AppFolio, we began the morning with a wonderful breakfast spread and learned about their sales methodology. “Stay curious” is a central theme surrounding the way this team operates, from the way they phrase their questions to potential customers, to the hobbies they pursue outside of work. We also go to attend a Q&A with their sales leaders, then a Q&A with their leading ladies who shared their strategies to success in work/life integration, friendships in the office, and thinking outside the box.

We have the coolest clients. True movers and shakers. Not to mention the industry-changing products they offer.

About Me

Why did you join Will Reed?

The moment they got me on the phone, I was hooked. It was different from the beginning: authentic, “no-BS”, and uplifting. They are intentional in every move they make - from the way they recruited me in October, to training and on-boarding us our first week here, to pairing us with mentors and setting aside time to talk about our goals and aspirations, to their strategy for recruiting and teaming up with like-minded clients. Will Reed is a team of gatherers and leaders, trailblazers and redeemers. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!

What do you hope to get from the summer?

Graduating from UT this past May felt like falling of a cliff. Dramatic? Maybe. Truly, you have life mapped out until graduation…then you are launched into the unknown. I have so many big dreams and aspirations, new business ideas and places I want to live every day that choosing one, singular career seemed near to impossible.

Will Reed seemed like the best place to start. The wisdom these women offer, the hands-on real-world experience this Fellowship provides, as well as the friendships made here are invaluable. I am learning more than I had ever hoped and growing more than I could’ve imagined. I am more grateful for this opportunity than I can express.

Caroline Richardson Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

How’s it going so far?

I laugh when I hear my friends talk about slow days at their internships, watching YouTube videos and taking BuzzFeed quizzes. We are never idle or bored here, that’s for sure. Constantly learning and improving, whether it’s sourcing candidates, interviewing for The Portfolio, visiting clients, hosting speakers or merely just managing time well, every day provides fresh opportunities to add one more brick onto this house we are building called our careers and our futures. With six weeks under our belt, we are confident in rhythms, routines and patterns that keep this business efficient while continuing our search for ways to improve. Big, big fan of the startup life!

This post was written by Caroline Richardson, Will Reed Fellow 2018.