Week 5 Recap by Tori Forbess

“Ohhhh, we’re halfway there…”

I cannot believe we are halfway through the summer! These last five weeks have felt like a dream, and I am excited for what the next five weeks will hold. Monday kicked off formal interviews for The Portfolio. Nothing brings our team more joy than hearing the candidates' excitement as they move forward in this process. Sourcing, scheduling, and interviewing fills my day as we get closer to finding the top 100 candidates.

Haleigh Hurst | Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

The Curriculum

Megan Mulcahy | Marketing Bootcamp

Megan Mulcahy, Will Reed's Marketing Manager, led a workshop to introduce us to digital and content marketing. Three points Megan emphasized were to 1) target your specific audience, 2) post consistently, and 3) produce as much “on brand” content as possible. Not only did we hear about Will Reed's plan for the marketing department, but Megan shared how businesses use their marketing strategy to drive revenue and overall business goals.

Lucina Thompson | Professional Communication

Lucina Thompson, a Will Reed investor, spoke on the importance of closing the communication gap between the “college world” and the “corporate world.”  “Choose your words carefully. Watch how often you use certain buzzwords; overusing the word 'like' may hinder your communication down the road.” As we take more Portfolio interviews, we will stay away from words such as "like," "um," "just," etc.

The Culture

With The Portfolio interviews in full swing, it takes all hands on deck to give our candidates the best experience possible. After pouring eight cups of morning coffee, the Fellows congregate in the Will Reed sunshine nook to divvy up the day’s scheduled calls. First, we review intro conversations with candidates from the previous week. Then, the Fellows match interviewers with compatible candidates for formal phone interviews. This strategy not only distributes the work equally, but also has produced incredible conversations where neither party wants to hang up the phone.


About Me

Why did you join Will Reed?

I joined Will Reed because I knew I would become a part of something bigger than myself. Will Reed strives to redeem the recruiting industry, and I get to see that mission lived out day after day. A career change is not an easy decision. Our candidates enter a vulnerable state when they decide to start a new chapter. With this in mind, Will Reed handles every conversation with grace, excellence and compassion. It is incredible to be part of a team that guides, encourages and rallies behind individuals. Will Reed sees candidates as humans, not as a means to hit a quota.

What do you hope to get from this summer?

I came into this summer just hoping for exposure. I wanted to be exposed to a new industry, my likes and my dislikes. I wanted to be pushed and encouraged to be the best version of myself. I wanted to be introduced to new thoughts, ideas and ways of solving problems. Will Reed has given me a wealth of knowledge and skills that will aide me in my future profession. 

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How is it going so far?

Who knew the “real world” could be this great?! Every day, I walk into an office of people who genuinely believe in me. The women that lead me are strong, bold, kind, and fearless on every front. They give thoughtful feedback, direction and recognition. They have created a safe place for me to try new things, fail, and then try again. I cannot thank the Will Reed team enough for all the ways they have refined me – can you believe it has only been five weeks?!

This post was written by Tori Forbess, Will Reed Fellow 2018.