Week 4 Recap by Haleigh Hurst

What a week!

The last seven days have been filled to the brim with projects, sourcing, and phone calls for The Portfolio. (Check out our website here!)

Like Jami mentioned last week, we sourced 350+ possible candidates for The Portfolio. This week, we had the opportunity to phone screen the potential candidates. So far it has been a blast to call those who we are considering and get to know them a little bit better. We have made hundreds of calls so far, and we are eager to keep going!

Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

The Curriculum

Sarah Bennett | “Create an environment where others are inspired to go to work.”

Senior Sales Director, BirdEye

Whether a manager or a sales representative, every employee has the power to create a positive environment. A good culture is not created by the “things” in the office, but the people who work there.

Melissa Repko"Know why the average person would care about your story and write what it means for all people.”

Tech Reporter, Dallas Morning News

Melissa emphasized the importance of being people-focused. Writing stories about the tech industry, she knows how to increase awareness for her market. Melissa also mentioned the importance of having a basis of knowledge of the world around us. This has faded as there has been a lack of a physical newspaper, but we must find a way to regain that baseline.

Cold Calling Power Hour

The words “cold calling” can literally send a chill down some people’s spine, but this week The Fellows learned how to cold call with confidence. We were taught by two of the best cold callers how to grab a recipient’s attention and hook him or her to schedule another call. I went into the meeting dreading cold calling. The words really do have a negative connotation. However, after leaving the "Power Hour," we all felt prepared and eager to call people.

2 Key Takeaways from "Power Hour"

  1. You never know who you are going to get on the other end of the line, so be prepared for anything.
  2. Don’t be afraid to get creative with wording. Be adaptable with how you craft your pitch to the recipient.

We each conducted a mock cold call in front of the other Fellows in order to get feedback and practice different scenarios. We had the freedom to make mistakes with each other before making the real call. This allowed us to feel more comfortable when we actually started cold calling.

In my opinion, the best advice was given by Talent Recruiter Caroline Kelly. She says to “just press call”. Once you do that, the rest is easy!

The Culture

It is no secret that Will Reed social media is at the top of its game. However, there was one platform that we hadn’t capitalized on yet: Pinterest.

Considering there is a vast number of women [specifically women in the tech industry] using Pinterest, I had the idea to increase activity. As a marketing major, I thought on why this would be beneficial to the business and presented my findings to the Marketing Manager at Will Reed, Megan Mulcahy. Megan loved the idea and gave me full access to the Will Reed Pinterest for the summer.

I have created boards and posts to target women in business, specifically within the technology industry. From fun pictures of the Will Reed office to inspiring blog posts, I have had the opportunity to let my creative juices flow. I have even started creating Will Reed content to post on the page, which will increase viewers and followers. The page has a great aesthetic, and it has quadrupled the amount of monthly viewers since the launch. Pinterest may not be the first social media medium to come to your mind, but I am “pinning” strategically and excited to continue to expand this platform.

Haleigh Hurst Pinterest at Will Reed for the Women's Sales Fellowship

About Me

Why did you join Will Reed?

After my first introductory phone call with Will Reed, I fell in love with the company. The mission of “redeeming the recruiting industry” is one that I truly stand behind. After my interviews, I knew this was the place that I wanted to spend my summer. I was filled with immense amounts of joy and gratitude when I received my acceptance. (And I still am now that I am here!)

That being said, the main reason I joined Will Reed because of the people. When you walk into Will Reed, you can just tell that there is something different. The employees encourage and care for each other. Even the fact that we all presented our personalities to each other during our first week was such a testament to the focus on culture at Will Reed. Everyone wants everyone to succeed, and that is what makes Will Reed unique. (And the perpetually filled candy jars, of course.)

What do you hope to get from the summer?

I am hoping to gain experience and tangible skills that I can take with me throughout my career. I want to learn things that I will be able to take with me five, ten, or even fifteen years down the road. I want to continue pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and be able to find personal growth through ups and the downs. I have been here four weeks now, and I am already confident that I will bring what I have learned so far with me all along the way.

How’s it going so far?

Everything is going so well! Every morning I wake up genuinely excited to go to work. We have so much knowledge and wisdom poured onto us daily, and I love getting to have that hands-on experience. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone more that I ever thought that I would be. But oh how I have grown! From a nervous and shaky first screening call to a confident cold call to 5 other screening calls back to back, I have learned from mistakes and grown into my role.

I am so thankful for the patience of the full time Talent Recruiters, the Fellows' fearless leader Megan Mulcahy, and the constant encouragement from everyone at the office. Having the opportunity to be a Will Reed Fellow has been an absolutely incredible experience for which I am so thankful.

This post was written by Haleigh Hurst, Will Reed Fellow 2018.