Week 3 Recap by Jami Albert

Third time’s the charm, right?  

Well, it was for the Will Reed Fellows! Week 3 of the Fellowship was marked by putting everything we learned during onboarding into practice. We steadily began finding a rhythm to the work day and started to work on individual roles alongside the full-time talent recruiters. With their help and patience, the Fellows have been able to get knee-deep in the world of recruiting by sourcing, messaging and scheduling candidates for the full-time talent recruiters to vet.

In addition to our assigned individual roles, the Fellows are continuing to work on our summer-long project that Meredith mentioned, the "Resume Book." After a few brainstorming meetings and a convincing pitch, the previously mentioned "Resume Book" has now been given the title, The Portfolio. We believe this name is concise, prestigious, and allows room for growth for future Fellowship participants.  

After sourcing 350+ candidates during our second week, we began strategically messaging each candidate to notify them that they were hand-selected to interview for a spot in The Portfolio. Next week, the Fellows will begin calling and interviewing candidates.

As someone who enjoys juggling multiple tasks, the past week has been wonderful, as I have gotten to dive in, set goals, and learn from our speakers and full-time team.  It’s hard not to love work when you walk away from a day knowing more than you did before. Working for Will Reed is truly a dream.

The Curriculum

Ginger Hardage | “Anybody can start anywhere.”

Former SVP of Culture and Communications at Southwest Airlines + Founder of Unstoppable Cultures

These were the encouraging words from Ginger Hardage as she spoke about six do’s and don’ts when entering the workforce. Ginger encouraged the Fellows to be open-minded, play to our strengths, and think of feedback as a gift. Regardless of unforeseen circumstances, there is always opportunity to learn and be gracious (even when you have a bad boss).

After her beyond-successful tenure at Southwest Airlines, Ginger launched her own company, Unstoppable Cultures, where she is "helping organizations create and sustain cultures of enduring greatness."

Ginger Hardage from Southwest Airlines with the Women's Sales Fellowship

Jordan Stewart | What is your customer's social style?

Director of Field Sales, AppFolio

Jordan told us about four types of customer personas: Analyzer, Cooperator, Driver, and Expresser. He referred to them as "social styles." He discussed the importance of being able to read a customer's social style and strategically adapt your communication for the most effective sales process. 

Jordan Stewart from AppFolio with the Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

Will Reed Boot Camps

The Fellows have gotten to diversify our learning by participating in round one of both sales and marketing bootcamps led by members of the full-time team.

Sales Boot Camp | Prospecting

Led by full-time Talent Recruiters Callie Groshek and Cait Phelan, the Fellows were taught how to kickstart the sales-cycle through prospecting in both individual and team settings. We learned in order to approach prospecting successfully, we need to (1) be aware of stakeholders, (2) personalize to the customer, and (3) provide value where it is needed.

Marketing Boot Camp | Intro to Marketing Strategy

Led by Marketing Manager Megan Mulcahy, the Fellows were taught how to strategically market using the 4 P's of marketing: Product, Promotion, Placement, and Price.

The Culture

The Fellows had the chance to partake in an AppDynamics AMA (Ask Me Anything) Webinar with Heidi Newiger, Global University and Diversity Recruitment Programs Manager, and Michele Tse, University Recruiter. The Fellows were virtually joined with other interns from AppDynamics in the Bay Area to hear about Heidi’s history in the recruiting industry, as well as gain insight on how to be distinguished from others when going through an interview process. One piece of advice that both Heidi and Michele shared was to “craft your story.” To make the most of your time at career fairs you need to be memorable. Do not just recite what is written on your resume; tell a story that makes you unique and sets you apart.

Jami Albert and Madison Codney | Will Reed Summer Fellows

About Me

Why did you join Will Reed?

I joined Will Reed because I could sense that there was something different about this company compared with other companies. I knew that I needed to be in an environment that would both push me out of my comfort zone and have a mission I could support. As I learned more about Will Reed in my interview process, I soon realized that they offered both components.

The Women’s Sales Fellowship provides many opportunities for growth and learning. The Fellows have full exposure into a company culture that encourages integrity, excellence, and people over numbers.

After my first phone interview last fall, Will Reed’s upstanding character was revealed, and I knew it was an environment where I wanted to invest for the summer. Months later, here I am, and it is surpassing all my expectations.

What do I hope to get out of this summer?

I hope to develop in overall professionalism and gain more experience in the tech, sales, and recruiting industries. I plan to finish the summer with tangible takeaways from the Fellows and the full-time team. They are all top-performing women of high character and intellect, and I am excited to learn to model them as I continue in my professional career.

I also hope to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Roy T. Bennett says it best, “Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I hope to continue growing and learning by being faced with new challenges over the course of the summer that allow me to change for the better.

How has it been so far?

Honestly, this internship is straight out of a dream. Not only does Will Reed operate with high character, but also with excellence. Over the course of three weeks, the Fellows have been introduced to the sales, technology, recruiting, and marketing industries, as well as heard from various speakers who are all experts in their fields.

Because the internship allows for so much growth and learning, I know I will be walking out of this summer a more well-rounded individual… and it has only been three weeks!


This post was written by Jami Albert, Will Reed Fellow 2018.