Week 2 Recap by Meredith Corts

Well, we did it!

The Fellows finished onboarding and began vision-casting for our much anticipated summer-long project.

As Madison mentioned last week, in addition to working as Will Reed recruiters, the Fellows have also been tasked with creating an exclusive Resume Book for our Founding Partners, AppDynamics and MongoDB. This Resume Book (working title) will contain 100 resumes of the top-performing college women entering into their final year of school. The candidates included in this book will be pre-vetted by the Will Reed Fellows and will have expressed interest in interviewing with AppDynamics and MongoDB.

In order to build this book, a large portion of our time will entail sourcing, vetting, and selling these women on a potential career in tech sales.

After a strategic vision-casting and goal-setting meeting between the Fellows, we hit the ground running. We broke our strategy down into five main segments: (1) identify top talent, (2) message strategically, (3) qualify via phone screen, (4) select the top 100 candidates, and (5) compile and brand the final Resume Book.

In just two days, our team had sourced 350+ potential candidates, which is a huge testament to the effectiveness of Will Reed’s training. 

As an active learner, the first two weeks have been a dream. We have shadowed Will Reed’s Talent Recruiters, sourced and written candidate messages, and engaged with keynote speakers. Every day we have left inspired to go out and sell something! Really, anything.

The Curriculum

Andy Slipher |  How can I be strategic when marketing myself? 

Founder + CEO, Slipher Marketing

If Andy’s last name was not Slipher, it would be Strategy. Andy explained that when marketing oneself, it is natural to lead with your own “features” (i.e. your unique skills), and then try to explain the benefit you bring the company. Instead, Andy challenged us to lead with your benefits (i.e. your value-add), and then reinforce with your features.  

If you want to hear more of Andy’s insights, check out his new book The Big How: Where Strategy Meets Success.  

Linda Page | Closing is always hard, right?

AVP of Global Field Enablement, Splunk

Linda would disagree. Instead, she says, “Closing should not be hard if you have done your work all along the way.” Start your work early. By qualifying the deal from the start, asking questions early, and identifying all the key influencers, you will have a much greater chance at getting the final “yes” to your sale.

Ogé Nduka | “This is sales. It’s not about you. It’s not personal.”

Enterprise Account Executive, MongoDB

Whenever she receives a “no” from a potential client, Ogé does not question her own capabilities or feel discouraged for long. Instead, she sees the “no” as the beginning of a new conversation. In her eyes, “no” is still engagement and progress. As Ogé reminded the Fellows, “The opposite of yes is not no; it’s indifference.”

The Culture

Qualtrics Open House

On Thursday, the Fellows took a road trip to Plano to experience Qualtrics’ incredible culture firsthand. The purpose of the trip was to attend their Open House Recruiting Event and get to know more of the Dallas team.

Maria Sideris, a Dallas Region Lead, spoke to us about her journey joining the Q. Though she had invested years rising through the ranks of her previous company, the moment Maria was introduced to Qualtrics, she was sold. She spoke about the massive opportunity in the market where Qualtrics sells its customer-experience software. She also spoke about the investment Qualtrics makes in their individuals from entry-level talent to C-level executives. From the incredible product to the talented team, it is no wonder Qualtrics is valued at $2.7 billion and inches closer to an IPO everyday.

The Qualtrics team members are incredible hosts! The Fellows left Thursday's event with a life-size Jenga set, an exercise duffle, and the coziest Qualtrics pullover you’ve ever seen. Raffle queens, perhaps?

Will Reed Summer Fellows Qualtrics Open House Dallas

In-House Mentorships

This week, each Fellow was matched with a full-time team member to begin a summer mentorship. Each mentor and mentee relationship will be unique to the personalities of the pair. On the agenda for next week are several breakfast meet-ups, a walk on the Katy Trail and a repeating happy hour appointment every Wednesday. A big thank you to our full-time recruiters for being willing to commit to answering every question under the sun over the next eight weeks!

Sedona and Corinne In Office Mentorship Program at Will Reed

About Me

Why did you join Will Reed?

I joined Will Reed because I wholeheartedly believed in the underlying values and long-term goals of the company. I found that I could fully support the way Will Reed recruits and engages people with the utmost care and respect.

Knowing yourself is so important in life, but especially in business. I knew I would not succeed in an environment where contentment with the status quo was accepted. At Will Reed, I was fortunate to find the opposite. Here, I have found an unparalleled commitment to excellence.

Will Reed’s heartbeat to train well, empower to act, provide constructive feedback and view setbacks as opportunities has only affirmed my decision to join the team.

What do you hope to get from the summer?

I hope to gain hands-on experience and market knowledge in the sales, tech and recruiting industries. I hope to conclude the summer with a narrower field of interest for a future career. With that being said, I also hope to be challenged in new ways at Will Reed. Whether through constructive feedback, recruiting a candidate from sourcing to signing, or making blog content, I am excited to learn and grow.

With such high-caliber women as teammates, I also hope to walk away from the summer a better collaborator and teammate. It is only natural to be inspired by each woman’s unique dreams and passions!

How’s it going so far?

Incredibly well! As each week passes, I become more aware of what an honor it is to be a part of the Will Reed team. Our Intern Director, Megan Mulcahy, has done an excellent job giving valuable feedback and personally investing in the Fellows. Our full-time Talent Recruiters have been gracious and kind to field all the questions the Fellows throw their way. Our Senior and Associate Client Directors, Hannah and Sedona, have gone above and beyond to provide the Fellows with all the tools we need to be successful. I grow more grateful for this team each day!

This post was written by Meredith Corts, Will Reed Fellow 2018.