Week 1 Recap by Madison Codney

"Wait, do I have the right house?"

I sure did! The other Fellows and I moved into our Uptown "mansion" with the excitement of people who had won the real estate lottery. We unpacked, settled in, and eagerly awaited the start of our summer at Will Reed. I cannot lie, I was looking forward to sitting on the infamous pink couch that sits in the living room of their chic Uptown office.  [Follow here if you want to see the hype behind the pink couch.]

The team greeted us with kolaches, coffee, and a killer 10-week curriculum. I thought our house was the suite-est place on earth, but the office is a top-tier competitor. Come to work here every day? You don’t have to ask me twice.

The Curriculum

Recruiting Overview | Is it art or is it science?

Recruiting is both an art and a science. Recruiting deals with people on all sides of the equation, so “fit” can be subjective, dependent on timing, culture, personal needs, company growth, etc. However, there are a number of practices that when applied to recruiting, make it more of a science and help our clients consistently find the right talent.

Technology Sales Overview | What makes a good a salesperson?

You must be an expert to be an effective salesperson. The best salespeople have their customers’ best interests in mind and help them make good business decisions. In technology sales, the “used car sales approach” is dying and is being replaced by salespeople that are knowledgeable and committed to long-term client success (held accountable through monthly / annual renewals).

Myers-Briggs | Why does this matter?

After completing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment, we had the privilege of diving into our specific personality types. This included learning about how we are motivated, how we work together, and how we process information.

Will Reed knows how to build teams. Our intern team of 8 drastically different females is the proof. Learning how to lean on each other and utilize our different gifts and strengths, we have had the ability to collectively create, explore, think critically, and dive in logistically.

Working alongside these Fellows is a testament to Will Reed's excellence in designing talented and valuable teams. It is unreal. It may seem at first glance that both sales and recruiting are individual sports, but I am witnessing firsthand at Will Reed that you have to lean on each other for success.

The Culture

The Kick-off Party

Our first Wednesday at Will Reed was quite impressive. The evening was filled with a little friendly competition at the wonderful home of Kyle & Lucina Thompson.

Kyle & Lucina have played a large role in the success and contribution to Will Reed’s foundation by investing on the Will Reed board and as investors. On Wednesday, they took the time to teach us some fun backyard games that included cornhole, darts, and ladder golf. We even received a tour of their beautiful home! As the games concluded, the winners received some "suite" summer prizes. Even without these activities though, we would have considered the overall night a win based on the incredible burgers and dessert that Mrs. Thompson whipped up for us.

The Will Reed Kick-off Party successfully welcomed new staff and a new team of interns with open arms into the Will Reed community. It was a treat!  


A big thank you to our hosts, Kyle + Lucina Thompson, who welcomed the Will Reed Team + Fellows into their home for the Kick-Off Party on June 6.


About Me

Why did you join Will Reed?

When it came to choosing an internship, I was very intentional about where I wanted to invest my time this summer. Will Reed was the only choice that fit every single one of my goals. I was searching for a way to explore my passion for people, communications, public speaking, and sales. I did not want to find just a place to go to work, but a community. Will Reed offered each of these goals in a unique internship that knocked every other company out of the running.

As soon as I completed my first phone interview, I had set my sights on becoming a Will Reed Fellow. I want to be encouraged to pursue my passions but challenged to go out of my comfort zone and explore new tasks. When I received my offer letter from Will Reed, I was already sold. This is where I wanted to be.

What do you hope to get from the summer?

With Will Reed, I hoped to gain a deep understanding and appreciation for the sales technology industry, as well as the recruiting industry. I desire that my drive and my passions can be utilized purposefully this summer, and that my current talents and skills can be sharpened. I am also eager to develop and acquire new skills that I did not have before, whether that be in recruiting or in sales.

My aspiration at the end of this summer is to complete this internship knowing where I can add value after college and with a clear trajectory for where the next step in my career will be.

How is it going so far?

As a Will Reed Fellow, I am only a week into this internship and I can tell you that the goals previously stated are in full swing to completion. Will Reed is equipping us with the skills we need to be successful in this industry, knowledge that we did not previously possess, and support to ensure our success in both sales and recruiting.

This team of 8 interns has become quick friends and encouragers at Will Reed, and we are incredibly grateful for this community. We cannot believe how heavily we have been invested in. I know we are all looking to contribute and utilize hard work to say, "Thank you" throughout the entirety of the summer. Truly, it has already been a dream!

Feeling the Monday Mellow Mood? Maybe Friday is just too far away for your fancies? The Fellows feel for you. Sending Suite tunes your way. Check it out!

This post was written by Madison Codney, Will Reed Fellow 2018.