A Suite Fit for a Queen (or eight...)

The story of the Suite Summer Home begins the way most startup stories begin... pedal to the metal. After Will Reed launched the interview process for the Women's Sales Fellowship, we began to flesh out the details of the summer. There were many things still up in the air, but group housing was something we knew we wanted to include in the first ever Suite summer internship (also known as the Women's Sales Fellowship).

Why? Living together is even more fun than working together and means you get that much closer. There is no question that you get to know someone when you sit next to them all day every day... but sharing a house? That is a whole new level of personal. Since this internship program is just 10 weeks long, we wanted to be sure the Fellows bonded not just as co-workers, but as friends.

So how did we go about locking down such an incredible house in Uptown? We asked. Seriously, it was that simple. We spied this super cute home on VRBO and took a shot in the dark. After a (probably way too long) email of why we should be allowed to rent this house for the entire summer at a discounted rate, we received a note back from the owner... it said, "Call me." This response was quickly forwarded straight to our fearless leader, Paige Robinson, who is known for her impressive sales skills. One phone call later, the Suite Summer Home was signed, sealed, and delivered.

This year's Suite Fellow class is going to be within walking distance of Will Reed HQ as well as most Dallas attractions. (Can I be a Fellow?!) It really is going to be a "suite" summer.