AppDynamics for the Everygirl


5 Steps to Understanding APM

AppDynamics for the Everygirl by Will Reed

It all begins with a single touch of a button, click of a mouse, swipe of a card and millions of lines of code are sent to multiple platforms spanning the entirety of a business. Imagine if even just one platform to fail? You can see how it could be cause a serious problem, especially as the importance, volume, and complexity of code increases over time. This is what the founder of AppDynamics, Jyoti Bansal, observed as he began developing an application and business monitoring platform to allow businesses a single view of an entire network.

Because of its wide range of capabilities across a business, I have broken down the AppDynamics software into 5 bite-sized pieces for the everygirl and everyman (not just the super smart developers and IT teams) to understand.

  1. VISIBILITY: AppDynamics offers one view to all transactions. From X to Z, this innovative software tool acts as a high-value mechanism that provides insight into the entirety of a business’ application platform.

  2. IMPLEMENTATION: AppDynamics is easy to implement. In a case study involving The World Bank, employees were able to implement the APM tool the day that it was delivered. AppDynamics can be employed over multiple different environments allowing an easy transition, from start-ups to enterprises.

  3. MONITORING: AppDynamics identifies problems before they are problems. With a single view into the entirety of an enterprise’s network, AppDynamics has the ability to detect potential trouble spots, within an application.

  4. REACTING: In case of emergency, AppDynamics assists in repair. Along with monitoring, the APM also has the ability to assist in troubleshooting during critical application failures. Essentially, if an application fails AppDynamics has the ability to help you fix it.

  5. INNOVATING: AppDynamics continually adapts to technological demands. AppDynamics allows for quick innovation as  consumerism is becoming consistently more dependent on technology and application performance . The tool causes no disruption and can be easily implemented to any environment from hybrid to multi-cloud.

AppDynamics acts as a high value, easy to implement mechanism that provides insight into the entirety of a business’ application platform which usually requires multiple tools to piece together. As business owner's mind can be at rest knowing that with AppDynamics, their customer experiences and business outcomes are transparent, easy to access, and easy to improve.  

If you would like to learn more about AppDynamics product, click here.

Below are some of our favorite AppDynamics Customer Case Studies:

Week 3 Recap by Jami Albert

Third time’s the charm, right?  

Well, it was for the Will Reed Fellows! Week 3 of the Fellowship was marked by putting everything we learned during onboarding into practice. We steadily began finding a rhythm to the work day and started to work on individual roles alongside the full-time talent recruiters. With their help and patience, the Fellows have been able to get knee deep in the world of recruiting by sourcing, messaging and scheduling candidates for the full-time talent recruiters to vet.

In addition to our assigned individual roles, the Fellows are continuing work on our summer-long project that Meredith mentioned, the Resume Book. After a few brainstorming meetings and a convincing pitch, the previously mentioned Resume Book has now been given the title, The Portfolio. We believe this name is concise, prestigious, and allows room for growth for future Fellowship participants.  

After sourcing 350+ candidates during Week Two, we began strategically messaging each candidate to notify them that they were hand-selected to interview for a spot in The Portfolio. Next week, the Fellows will begin calling and interviewing candidates.

As someone who enjoys juggling multiple tasks, the past week has been wonderful as I have gotten to dive right in, set goals, and learn from our speakers and full-time team.  It’s hard not to love work when you walk away from a day knowing more than you did before. Working for Will Reed is truly a dream.

The Curriculum

Ginger Hardage | “Anybody can start anywhere.”

Former SVP of Culture and Community, Southwest Airlines

These were the encouraging words from Ginger Hardage as she spoke about six do’s and don’ts when entering the workforce. Ginger urged the Fellows to be open-minded, play to the our strengths, and think of feedback as a gift. Regardless of unforeseen circumstances, there is always opportunity to learn and be gracious.

Ginger Hardage from Southwest Airlines with the Women's Sales Fellowship

Jordan Stewart | Adapting to the Social Style

Director of Field Sales, AppFolio

Social styles were the basis of Jordan’s talk on how to succeed is the sales industry. He discussed the importance of being able to read people’s social styles and how to strategically adapt to communicate with them more effectively. There is always an opportunity for success if you can learn how to adapt to your surroundings.

Jordan Stewart from AppFolio with the Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

Will Reed Boot Camps

The Fellows have gotten to diversify our learning by participating in round one of both a sales and marketing bootcamp led by members of the full-time team.

Sales Boot Camp | Prospecting

Led by Callie Groshek and Cait Phelan, the Fellows were taught how to kickstart the sales-cycle through prospecting in both individual and team settings. Whether it is researching or cold calling, we learned in order to approach prospecting successfully, we need be aware of stakeholders, personalize to the customer, and be able to provide value where it is needed.

Marketing Boot Camp | Intro to Marketing Strategy

Led by Marketing Manager, Megan Mulcahy, the Fellows were taught the four P’s of marketing and how to strategize according to Product, Promotion, Placement, and Price.

The Culture

The Fellows are excited to announce that we will be partnering with [NAME] to engage the city of [NAME]! Cait Phelan, full-time talent recruiter and member of [NAME OF SERVICE ORG], helped the Fellows navigate all the incredible service opportunities in the DFW area.

With the help of Cait, the Fellows chose [ORG] because [REASON INVOLVING WOMEN]

We are looking forward to joining ranks with [ORG] on [DATE]! Keep checking the Suite instagram for live updates in the coming weeks. To say we are excited about this opportunity with [ORG] be an extreme understandment!

Jami Albert and Madison Codney | Will Reed Summer Fellows

About Me

Why did you join Will Reed?

I joined Will Reed because I could sense that there was something different about this company than other companies to which I had been exposed. I knew that I needed to be in an environment that would both push me out of my comfort zone, but also have a mission I could support. As I learned more about Will Reed, I soon realized that they offered both components.

The Women’s Sales Fellowship allows for many opportunities that promote growth and learning. The Fellows have full exposure into a company culture that encourages integrity, excellence, and people over numbers.

After my first phone interview, Will Reed’s solid character was revealed, and I knew that it was an environment where I wanted to learn. Months later, here I am, and it is surpassing all my expectations.

What do I hope to get out of this summer?

I hope to gain more experience in the tech, sales, and recruiting industries as well develop in overall professionalism.

Additionally, I hope gain knowledge and insight from the Fellows and the full-time team because they are all women of high character and intellect.  I am extremely grateful to be able to see how these qualities are used in the workplace, and I am excited to learn to model them as I continue in my career.

I also hope to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Roy T. Bennett says it best, “Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I hope to continue growing and learning by being faced with new challenges over the course of the summer that allows me to change for the better.

How has it been so far?

Honestly, this internship is straight out of a dream. Not only does Will Reed operate with high character, but also with excellence, as everything provided for the Fellowship has beaten all of our expectations.

Over the course of three weeks, the Fellows have been fully exposed to the sales, technology, recruiting, and marketing industries as well as heard from various speakers who are all experts in their field. This internship has allowed for so much growth and learning that I know walking out of this summer, I will be a more well-rounded individual… and it has only been three weeks!


A Giant Idea Born in the Big Apple

An overview of MongoDB's journey from idea to IPO

MongoDB from the eyes of a Will Reed Fellow

It is impossible to build a successful tech company outside of Silicon Valley, right?


Wrong. MongoDB made a practice of disproving its naysayers from the start. Choosing New York as MongoDB’s headquarters, founders Eliot Horowitz, Dwight Merriman and Kevin P. Ryan stepped outside of the norm, setting the company on an unconventional, yet successful, road to success.

As one of the most dynamic databases on the market, MongoDB has been able to keep up with the vast increase in data over the past two years. Meghan Gill, employee number eight and the first non-technical hire at MongoDB, said in an interview that, “90% of data has been created in the last two years, which is pretty mind-blowing. And, 80% of the enterprise data is unstructured, meaning it doesn’t fit into the tables that are in a relational database.”

What does that mean? Essentially, the amount of data in existence is exponentially increasing, with an additional change in form. Instead of data structured in rows and columns, data is now more complex and unstructured in shape. MongoDB is built to address modern requirements.

What makes MongoDB different? I'm glad you asked. MongoDB is an open-source database, meaning it is dynamic in form and able to be molded to fit specific needs. Additionally, MongoDB offers its database free of charge for download in the community edition. MongoDB’s flexibility, scalability, and high data capacity sets them apart from the competition.  

Fast + Fun Facts

Office Culture

  • 8 locations in Asia-Pacific
  • 10 locations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • 16 locations in North America
  • Reached 1,000 employees across the globe in May of 2018
  • Parental Leave Policy now allows for 20 weeks of paid leave for both mothers and fathers
  • The MongoDB Women’s Group, which has over 140 members globally, meets monthly to discuss all things relevant to women in tech
  • Catered lunches and fully-stocked kitchen onsite

Stay tuned for next week's sponsor overview! If you have any questions or comments (or want to work at MongoDB), reach out to the Will Reed team.

Meredith is a Junior Analyst for the Baylor Angel Network. Because of her interest and experience in entrepreneurial business ventures, we have included an additional section of her take on the significant growth history of MongoDB.

Significant Growth History

Prior to making a public offering, MongoDB went through 11 rounds of funding, raising a total of $311M. Notable lead investors include Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital, Union Square Ventures, and New Enterprise Associates. Additionally, MongoDB acquired WiredTiger in 2014 to add to MongoDB’s “performance, scalability, and hardware efficiency."

After almost 10 years in the private sector, MongoDB took the company public in October of 2017. During its initial public offering, MongoDB priced its 8 million shares at $24 a share, which was $2-$4 higher than the expected range. By close of business, shares were valued at $32.07 and MongoDB was valued at $192M. The IPO underwriters included Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Barclays and Allen & Company. The company fared well among the top U.S. venture-backed tech IPOs for the year, with a 7% return on offer price.

Week 2 Recap by Meredith Corts

Well, we did it!

The Fellows finished onboarding and began vision-casting for our much anticipated summer-long project.

As Madison mentioned last week, in addition to working as Will Reed recruiters, the Fellows have also been tasked with creating an exclusive Resume Book for our Founding Partners, AppDynamics and MongoDB. This Resume Book (working title) will contain 100 resumes of the top-performing college women entering into their final year of school. The candidates included in this book will be pre-vetted by the Will Reed Fellows and will have expressed interest in interviewing with AppDynamics and MongoDB.

In order to build this book, a large portion of our time will entail sourcing, vetting, and selling these women on a potential career in tech sales.

After a strategic vision-casting and goal-setting meeting between the Fellows, we hit the ground running. We broke our strategy down into five main segments: (1) identify top talent, (2) message strategically, (3) qualify via phone screen, (4) select the top 100 candidates, and (5) compile and brand the final Resume Book.

In just two days, our team had sourced 350+ potential candidates, which is a huge testament to the effectiveness of Will Reed’s training. 

As an active learner, the first two weeks have been a dream. We have shadowed Will Reed’s Talent Recruiters, sourced and written candidate messages, and engaged with keynote speakers. Every day we have left inspired to go out and sell something! Really, anything.

The Curriculum

Andy Slipher |  How can I be strategic when marketing myself? 

Founder + CEO, Slipher Marketing

If Andy’s last name was not Slipher, it would be Strategy. Andy explained that when marketing oneself, it is natural to lead with your own “features” (i.e. your unique skills), and then try to explain the benefit you bring the company. Instead, Andy challenged us to lead with your benefits (i.e. your value-add), and then reinforce with your features.  

If you want to hear more of Andy’s insights, check out his new book The Big How: Where Strategy Meets Success.  

Linda Page | Closing is always hard, right?

AVP of Global Field Enablement, Splunk

Linda would disagree. Instead, she says, “Closing should not be hard if you have done your work all along the way.” Start your work early. By qualifying the deal from the start, asking questions early, and identifying all the key influencers, you will have a much greater chance at getting the final “yes” to your sale.

Ogé Nduka | “This is sales. It’s not about you. It’s not personal.”

Enterprise Account Executive, MongoDB

Whenever she receives a “no” from a potential client, Ogé does not question her own capabilities or feel discouraged for long. Instead, she sees the “no” as the beginning of a new conversation. In her eyes, “no” is still engagement and progress. As Ogé reminded the Fellows, “The opposite of yes is not no; it’s indifference.”

The Culture

Qualtrics Open House

On Thursday, the Fellows took a road trip to Plano to experience Qualtrics’ incredible culture firsthand. The purpose of the trip was to attend their Open House Recruiting Event and get to know more of the Dallas team.

Maria Sideris, a Dallas Region Lead, spoke to us about her journey joining the Q. Though she had invested years rising through the ranks of her previous company, the moment Maria was introduced to Qualtrics, she was sold. She spoke about the massive opportunity in the market where Qualtrics sells its customer-experience software. She also spoke about the investment Qualtrics makes in their individuals from entry-level talent to C-level executives. From the incredible product to the talented team, it is no wonder Qualtrics is valued at $2.7 billion and inches closer to an IPO everyday.

The Qualtrics team members are incredible hosts! The Fellows left Thursday's event with a life-size Jenga set, an exercise duffle, and the coziest Qualtrics pullover you’ve ever seen. Raffle queens, perhaps?

Will Reed Summer Fellows Qualtrics Open House Dallas

In-House Mentorships

This week, each Fellow was matched with a full-time team member to begin a summer mentorship. Each mentor and mentee relationship will be unique to the personalities of the pair. On the agenda for next week are several breakfast meet-ups, a walk on the Katy Trail and a repeating happy hour appointment every Wednesday. A big thank you to our full-time recruiters for being willing to commit to answering every question under the sun over the next eight weeks!

Sedona and Corinne In Office Mentorship Program at Will Reed

About Me

Why did you join Will Reed?

I joined Will Reed because I wholeheartedly believed in the underlying values and long-term goals of the company. I found that I could fully support the way Will Reed recruits and engages people with the utmost care and respect.

Knowing yourself is so important in life, but especially in business. I knew I would not succeed in an environment where contentment with the status quo was accepted. At Will Reed, I was fortunate to find the opposite. Here, I have found an unparalleled commitment to excellence.

Will Reed’s heartbeat to train well, empower to act, provide constructive feedback and view setbacks as opportunities has only affirmed my decision to join the team.

What do you hope to get from the summer?

I hope to gain hands-on experience and market knowledge in the sales, tech and recruiting industries. I hope to conclude the summer with a narrower field of interest for a future career. With that being said, I also hope to be challenged in new ways at Will Reed. Whether through constructive feedback, recruiting a candidate from sourcing to signing, or making blog content, I am excited to learn and grow.

With such high-caliber women as teammates, I also hope to walk away from the summer a better collaborator and teammate. It is only natural to be inspired by each woman’s unique dreams and passions!

How’s it going so far?

Incredibly well! As each week passes, I become more aware of what an honor it is to be a part of the Will Reed team. Our Intern Director, Megan Mulcahy, has done an excellent job giving valuable feedback and personally investing in the Fellows. Our full-time Talent Recruiters have been gracious and kind to field all the questions the Fellows throw their way. Our Senior and Associate Client Directors, Hannah and Sedona, have gone above and beyond to provide the Fellows with all the tools we need to be successful. I grow more grateful for this team each day!

What were you doing at 21 years old?

Jyoti Bansal's journey to founding and selling AppDynamics

To-Do List: Build a company that would leverage the power of software to make a difference in the world.

- - -

At 21 years old, Jyoti Bansal moved to Silicon Valley and began his career as a software engineer. From an early age, Jyoti knew two things: 1) he wanted to be an entrepreneur and 2) the whole world was going to run on software.

Unable to shake those convictions, Jyoti decided to quit his day job and give his days, nights and weekends to building the startup that would become AppDynamics. He knew he couldn't fund the startup on his own, so he spent months walking up and down SandHill Road in Silicon Valley looking for funding. Each rejection refined his story/product pitch, and in April 2008, he secured $5.5M of Series A funding.

In order to build his business, Jyoti established four key pillars: product, sales, culture, and customer success, which are still in effect today. 

Create an application intelligence platform versus a single product that can scale to meet the needs of large enterprises.

Leverage AppDynamics' competitive advantage and learn the art of the enterprise software sale. 

Hire the best people who embody these talent imperatives: Intelligence, Coachability, Character and Experience. 

Customer Success 2.0
Deliver on what was promised in the sales process and champion on-going client success.

As of February 2017, AppDynamics was acquired by Cisco for $3.7 billion. Cisco was looking to add a software company to their portfolio because "applications have become the lifeblood of a company's success" (Rowan Trollope). AppDynamics not only fit the bill, they did it better. While most APM companies had reached maturity, AppDynamics was still in hyper-growth mode, capturing major enterprise accounts and evolving their platform to meet the ever-changing IT needs of global enterprises.

In writing this article, we truly fell in love with Jyoti's story. If you are interested in learning more about the company he has created, click here

Stay tuned for next week's sponsor overview! If you have any questions or comments (or want to work at AppDynamics), reach out to the Will Reed team.

Week 1 Recap by Madison Codney

"Wait, do I have the right house?"

I sure did! The other Fellows and I moved into our Uptown "mansion" with the excitement of people who had won the real estate lottery. We unpacked, settled in, and eagerly awaited the start of our summer at Will Reed. I cannot lie, I was looking forward to sitting on the infamous pink couch that sits in the living room of their chic Uptown office.  [Follow here if you want to see the hype behind the pink couch.]

The team greeted us with kolaches, coffee, and a killer 10-week curriculum. I thought our house was the suite-est place on earth, but the office is a top-tier competitor. Come to work here every day? You don’t have to ask me twice.

The Curriculum

Recruiting Overview | Is it art or is it science?

Recruiting is both an art and a science. Recruiting deals with people on all sides of the equation, so “fit” can be subjective, dependent on timing, culture, personal needs, company growth, etc. However, there are a number of practices that when applied to recruiting, make it more of a science and help our clients consistently find the right talent.

Technology Sales Overview | What makes a good a salesperson?

You must be an expert to be an effective salesperson. The best salespeople have their customers’ best interests in mind and help them make good business decisions. In technology sales, the “used car sales approach” is dying and is being replaced by salespeople that are knowledgeable and committed to long-term client success (held accountable through monthly / annual renewals).

Myers-Briggs | Why does this matter?

After completing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment, we had the privilege of diving into our specific personality types. This included learning about how we are motivated, how we work together, and how we process information.

Will Reed knows how to build teams. Our intern team of 8 drastically different females is the proof. Learning how to lean on each other and utilize our different gifts and strengths, we have had the ability to collectively create, explore, think critically, and dive in logistically.

Working alongside these Fellows is a testament to Will Reed's excellence in designing talented and valuable teams. It is unreal. It may seem at first glance that both sales and recruiting are individual sports, but I am witnessing firsthand at Will Reed that you have to lean on each other for success.

The Culture

The Kick-off Party

Our first Wednesday at Will Reed was quite impressive. The evening was filled with a little friendly competition at the wonderful home of Kyle & Lucina Thompson.

Kyle & Lucina have played a large role in the success and contribution to Will Reed’s foundation by investing on the Will Reed board and as investors. On Wednesday, they took the time to teach us some fun backyard games that included cornhole, darts, and ladder golf. We even received a tour of their beautiful home! As the games concluded, the winners received some "suite" summer prizes. Even without these activities though, we would have considered the overall night a win based on the incredible burgers and dessert that Mrs. Thompson whipped up for us.

The Will Reed Kick-off Party successfully welcomed new staff and a new team of interns with open arms into the Will Reed community. It was a treat!  


A big thank you to our hosts, Kyle + Lucina Thompson, who welcomed the Will Reed Team + Fellows into their home for the Kick-Off Party on June 6.


About Me

Why did you join Will Reed?

When it came to choosing an internship, I was very intentional about where I wanted to invest my time this summer. Will Reed was the only choice that fit every single one of my goals. I was searching for a way to explore my passion for people, communications, public speaking, and sales. I did not want to find just a place to go to work, but a community. Will Reed offered each of these goals in a unique internship that knocked every other company out of the running.

As soon as I completed my first phone interview, I had set my sights on becoming a Will Reed Fellow. I want to be encouraged to pursue my passions but challenged to go out of my comfort zone and explore new tasks. When I received my offer letter from Will Reed, I was already sold. This is where I wanted to be.

What do you hope to get from the summer?

With Will Reed, I hoped to gain a deep understanding and appreciation for the sales technology industry, as well as the recruiting industry. I desire that my drive and my passions can be utilized purposefully this summer, and that my current talents and skills can be sharpened. I am also eager to develop and acquire new skills that I did not have before, whether that be in recruiting or in sales.

My aspiration at the end of this summer is to complete this internship knowing where I can add value after college and with a clear trajectory for where the next step in my career will be.

How is it going so far?

As a Will Reed Fellow, I am only a week into this internship and I can tell you that the goals previously stated are in full swing to completion. Will Reed is equipping us with the skills we need to be successful in this industry, knowledge that we did not previously possess, and support to ensure our success in both sales and recruiting.

This team of 8 interns has become quick friends and encouragers at Will Reed, and we are incredibly grateful for this community. We cannot believe how heavily we have been invested in. I know we are all looking to contribute and utilize hard work to say, "Thank you" throughout the entirety of the summer. Truly, it has already been a dream!

Feeling the Monday Mellow Mood? Maybe Friday is just too far away for your fancies? The Fellows feel for you. Sending Suite tunes your way. Check it out!

Day 1 | Fellows Arrive at Will Reed

Hello, all. My name is Megan Mulcahy, and I am the Marketing Manager at Will Reed. And for the summer I will also be acting as the Fellowship Coordinator (or as some would say... the Cruise Director). Do not get too used to hearing from me though. Starting this week our Fellows will be taking over all communication via this blog, the newsletter, and social media. You'll get to hear straight from the source about the ins and outs of the Women's Sales Fellowship.

Today, June 4, has been long anticipated by both the Will Reed team and the eight Will Reed Summer Fellows. It marks the first day of the first ever Women's Sales Fellowship hosted by Will Reed.

Day 1 Overview

9:00AM    Though the weather in Dallas started off very gloomy today, the Will Reed office was quite the opposite. The Fellows arrived promptly at 9AM from their Uptown house to the Will Reed living room for a (healthy) breakfast of donuts, coffee, parfaits, and kolaches.

Women's Sales Fellowship Will Reed Welcome Breakfast

Before jumping into training, the team spent time getting to know each other with introductions and get-to-know-you games. 

Welcome Party Will Reed Women's Sales Fellowship

10:30AM    Following the welcome breakfast, the Fellows launched into a training session with Associate Client Director, Sedona Vickers. Sedona gave the Fellows a general overview of what a Will Reed Summer will look like. This included an overview of keynote speakers, projects, trainings, and expectations of a Will Reed Fellow.

11:00AM    Hannah Yeargan and I introduced the Fellows to the Will Reed history and vision. This was a deep dive look at where Will Reed has come from and where it is going. Hannah and I were able to speak to how Will Reed is striving to redeem the antiquated recruiting industry in both the day-to-day processes of a recruiter as well as the culture we are building internally.

Training Session Women's Sales Fellowship Day 1

12:00PM   For lunch, many of the girls brought their own food and ate in the Will Reed kitchen or around the conference room tables. (Most of them went grocery shopping and stocked their house yesterday! Way to go, ladies.) After their quick lunch break, they jumped back into a training session with Strategy Manager, Caroline Lengyel. Caroline walked through the HR and EEO policies of Will Reed. The Fellows then set up their own Will Reed emails. (Feel free to shoot them over a welcome note!)

1:15PM    With all the "back house" logistics completed, the Fellows spent the afternoon in training sessions reviewing the Sales Profession, the Technology Industry, and a Recruiting Industry Overview.  

Women's Sales Fellowship Training Session Day 1

3:45PM   Wasting no time, the Fellows were assigned a project to complete their first afternoon on the job. They spent the remainder of the work day in a self-study time reviewing all the current Will Reed clients then completing a homework assignment on their own designated Will Reed client. 

Meredith Corts Women's Sales Fellowship Day 1

5:30PM    This summer the Fellows will have the last hour of every work day (5:00-6:00PM) as a "Study Hall." This idea was developed in order for the Fellows to have ongoing learning and designated time for projects outside of the day-to-day recruiting. The Fellows have been assigned two books to read over the summer as well as several strategic, "big picture" Will Reed projects. This last hour of the day will be dedicated to completing these additional assignments. 

Caroline Richardson Women's Sales Fellowship Day 1

The first day of the first week is in the books! 10 weeks left to go. Be sure to continue to follow along via the Will Reed Summer Newsletter as well as follow Will Reed and the Will Reed Suite on social media.

- Marketing Meg