what's the portfolio

The Portfolio is a collection of 100 resumes featuring the top-performing collegiate women [just like you] looking to land a dream job upon graduation. If you're selected for this coveted portfolio, your resume will be in the hands of hiring managers at the most prestigious tech companies in Texas. 

why do i want to be included

There are so many reasons to be a part of The Portfolio, so we've narrowed it down to our Top 3...

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how did you get my name

Great question! Throughout your college career, you have shown campus involvement, leadership, academic excellence, and strong communication skills. Our team of talent scouts scoured campuses across the nation to find #GIRLBOSS ladies like you. 

how does this work

Step 1: You received your invitation to interview for The Portfolio. Now it's time to get your informational phone call scheduled! 

Step 2: If you liked what you learn on the phone call, it's time to schedule a formal interview. 

Step 3: Our team will let you know if you are officially selected for The Portfolio

Step 4: If you are selected, you are a lucky lady! You will be included in a resume portfolio with 99 others and passed along to the most prestigious tech companies in Texas. [See the FAQs for more information.]


More questions?