What does a Talent Recruiter at Will Reed Jobs do?

  • Design and execute sourcing strategies for the coolest tech companies in the world

  • Work with a world-class account manager to deliver the right candidates for our clients

  • Provide career insight and coaching to top-tier sales candidates

  • Advocate for our community members to get the perfect job

  • Play an integral role in how we scale Will Reed

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Our mission.

In a world full of commissioned recruiters and apathetic Human Resource departments, we exist to empower individuals to take a dignified next step in their careers.

Our mission has led us to build a company with an entirely new and redemptive approach to the otherwise transactional recruiting industry. At the end of the day, we want to place the best people in the best jobs, so we cultivate a community of respect and individualism. Our processes are carefully designed to partner with our candidates through one of the most important decisions in their lives--a career change.


Give recruiting a second look.

Before jumping to conclusions about what you think a recruiting firm is all about, hear us out a bit.

By the people, for the people.

In a sense, recruiters are also in sales. Most sales roles are highly transactional, and the majority of recruiters are no exception. We think the approach should be different because what we are selling is different.  Don’t get us wrong--we obviously think the sales profession is a great one--but we are not selling products that will be obsolete next month. We’re responsible for stewarding a person’s vocational calling. Because of this, we empower our team to be the coaches and allies of those we represent. This philosophical shift changes the way we relate to both clients and candidates, and it is truly what separates Will Reed Jobs from the rest.


More is more.

We are a placement firm, not a staffing firm. Big difference. Our agreements with our clients are structured so that if our candidates make more money, we do too. The client directly pays us--we aren’t skimming money off the top of our candidates’ salaries. In contrast, staffing firms take a percentage of their candidates' actual earnings, so they literally are incentivized to pinch their candidates' pay as much as possible. Not fun. Our approach ensures we are always aligned to the same goal as our candidates.


Transferable skills.

We don’t want you to just be a great employee. We want you to be a well-rounded, capable professional with a set of competitive and marketable skills. We wish we could say that’s only because we care about you so much (we do), but selfishly, it’s also because it greatly benefits our company. You’ll be challenged to quickly learn how to work with new technologies, interface with C-level execs, be conversationally persuasive (without being pushy), use proven selling techniques, scale a growing company, manage an entire transaction from prospect to invoice, and so much more.


Why we do what we do.


Laura J. | MongoDB - Austin

Laura had a strong reputation in sales leadership that she built over 10 years. While she loved her current company, Laura was looking for that next step up in responsibility. We had the privilege of introducing her to MongoDB, a pre-IPO, fast-paced company, where Laura would have the chance to build her own team from the ground up. We enjoyed walking with her each step of the interview process until she achieved her goal and was hired as MongoDB’s Area Director of Sales a few weeks later. The relationship did not end there. We’ve continued to partner with Laura to build her perfect team at MongoDB.


Aaron F. | AppDynamics - Dallas

As someone who was constantly seeking career challenges and growth, Aaron reached out to us when he became frustrated with the lack of opportunities in his current role. He was ready to join a sales organization that had a path to enterprise-level sales, so we connected him with AppDynamics. We collaborated with Aaron to make sure he had all the support he needed to excel in the recruiting process, and he was soon hired as a Business Development Rep with AppDynamics.

Yashera T. | Box - Austin

Yashera came to us at a point of transition. She had enjoyed working for a startup, but was looking for a little more stability while staying in an entrepreneurial environment. We knew Box would be the perfect balance. With Will Reed’s help, Yashera successfully jumped through the hoops and was able to secure a spot as an Outbound Business Representative. Not only has she loved Box, but she’s also been promoted since she joined a year ago.

We're going places.

Recruiting for technology sales is a huge opportunity with little competition. The stats prove it.

*Will Reed Jobs 2017-2018 expansion map


Get to know who you’d be working with.

We are an investor-backed venture that started in 2015. We have assembled a diverse, all-star team of investors, employees, and board members who are bought into our vision and committed to our growth.


Team Spotlight


Paige Robinson

Founder, CEO
Paige worked at Alvarez & Marsal, a global professional services firm, before founding Will Reed Jobs.


Caroline Lengyel

Strategy Manager
Drawing on her past experiences at Bain & Co., Caroline supports strategic direction and growth.


Megan Mulcahy

Experienced in marketing and recruiting, Megan works one-on-one with candidates to perfect their profiles.

Myles Osborne

With a software account management background, Myles coaches candidates on client expectations.

Board & Advisors


Kyle Thompson

Kyle is a very accomplished oil & gas entrepreneur and serves as an elder at Watermark Community Church.

Ben Debayle

Ben is a former Will Reed Jobs team member and still actively consults on the company's digital strategy.


Dave Blanchard

Praxis Academy Founder
As the CEO and Co-Founder of Praxis Academy, Dave helps grow companies that have a redemptive purpose.


Neil Smiley

Loopback Analytics' CEO
After a successful tech exit, Neil now leads a disruptive tech company in the medical industry.

Jon Hart

Praxis Academy Partner
As a lead at the Praxis Academy business accelerator, Jon advises startups and entrepreneurs worldwide.


Evan Loomis

Kauffman Fellow
Evan is a serial entrepreneur and investor, and still makes time to mentor other founders.


Erik Bahr

Facebook Leadership
Erik notably helped Facebook establish some of its earliest sales channels and clients.

Blair Garrou

Mercury Fund Director
Blair is the managing director of the Mercury Fund, which is the largest venture capital firm in Texas.

Christophe Dessaigne

Venture Capitalist
As a venture capitalistChristophe explores investment opportunities and serves on several boards.

Your career roadmap with Will Reed Jobs




You will have the freedom and flexibility that comes with owning a territory. It's like building a business within a business.



As you grow into your role, you will be empowered to grow a team of your own to lead and manage. As the company grows, so do you. 



As you grow, you can expect to have increased ownership and to play a more integral role with larger clients.



You will never be siloed. You can be a defining member of the future departments, such as HR, Finance, Operations, and Marketing.


We want to set you up to pursue your dreams too.

Our previous employees have gone on to be successful in a variety of industries and jobs. 

We aren’t possessive over our employees and seek to ensure we are helping them accomplish their own long-term visions as much as they are helping us accomplish ours. In essence, we treat our own employees the same way we treat our candidates.


The perks are nice.



  • Competitive pay. If you perform as expected, you will earn a six-figure income.

  • Healthcare. We sponsor a healthcare plan so you and your family are always taken care of.

  • Technology bonus and stipend. When you first sign with us, treat yourself to a new computer, a nice set of headphones, or whatever else you find useful. Then take care of your cellphone bill every month with the ongoing stipend.

  • Sponsored IRA savings plan. We also sponsor an IRA savings plan, so you’re not paying fees to plan for your future.

  • Open vacation policy. We trust our team members and believe you should be able to take a few days off without having to check your balance of remaining vacation days.

  • Quarterly learning opportunities. Through lunch and learns, client visits, and events, we seek to consistently nurture your personal development.

  • Volunteerism. Even though we believe our day-to-day job is meaningful, we also want you to have the opportunity to make our local community a better place.

  • Office in Uptown (Dallas). Because who doesn’t like to be within walking distance of Eatzi’s and Starbucks?

  • Travel in style. For business travel, Will Reed provides fully-covered private travel options.

Have more questions?

No problem. Feel free to set up a call with Caroline by shooting her a note at caroline@willreedjobs.com. She’d love to answer any of your questions and chat about life at Will Reed.