Who is Will Reed?
Will Reed isn’t a real person, but he represents a personal, better job-finding experience — one where you actually hear back, receive feedback, and gain a direct connection to the companies you actually want to work for.

Will Reed always shoots you straight about what jobs are really like (no B.S.) using plain language instead of the dry, generic descriptions written by the company. Will Reed also personally advocates on your behalf with the hiring manager and ensures your resume is at the top of the stack.

Will Reed makes job-finding more transparent, easy, honest… and actually enjoyable. By working with Will Reed, you can expect to work with professionals that care about your job search as if it was their own. The Will Reed team works tirelessly to find the right job for you.

What is the advantage of Will Reed vs. other job-finding resources?
Most other online resources make you do the work. You do the research. You do the guesswork on the application and interview process. And finally, you do the hoping that some real person is actually looking at your resume after you apply.

At Will Reed, we do the heavy lifting for you. There are NO black holes, where your resume goes to die. We curate the companies and make sure they are great places to work. Once you’ve been accepted into the Will Reed Community, sit back and watch job matches come directly to you. If you’re interested, simply express interest and know within 72 hours whether that employer is interested in you. If there is mutual interest, an interview can be set up on the spot. We then prep you to make sure you can ace the interview and get the job of your dreams.

What is the average pay for the positions you feature?
Because we only accept high-quality candidates, it’s important to us that we ensure the compensation of the roles we feature matches the level of our candidates. This means you can be confident you won’t see any opportunities with below-market pay. Our roles will always offer a competitive or above-market package. Most of the roles we feature have a base + commission structure. For entry-level roles, we require companies to offer a minimum $40K base.

Where are your jobs typically located?
We are primarily in Texas – focusing on Austin and Dallas, with plans to expand in 2019.

Do you only feature sales roles?
We focus on sales roles, but also feature customer success. account management, and marketing roles when our clients have openings.

Why do you call it a community?
We want to be here for every step of your job seeking process. From the time that you first consider a new job, to preparing for the interview, to negotiating your salary, to growing and improving your sales skills. We want to invite you into a community, where you are going to get the support you need to accomplish your dreams.

What characteristics do you look for in the companies you partner with?
We promise our community of job seekers that the companies we work with are places we would want to work ourselves. Specifically, we look for companies that present a combination of good training, culture, pay, and career progression.

What qualifies a job seeker to work with you?
Like our company partners, we are looking for candidates that we would want to work with – people whom we would recommend to a friend. Those types of candidates are reliable, dependable, have strong communication skills, and an owner’s mentality. When we find someone like this, we go to great lengths to help them find the job of their dreams.

What do you expect from Will Reed candidates?
We expect that you would treat others as you would want to be treated. You represent us as much as you represent yourself.

We want to work with you if: You value when people respect your time and therefore show up on time for your interview. You value when others take the time to get to know you, so you prepare for your interview and know something about the company. You value honesty and politeness, so you are transparent and gracious, even if you are not interested in the company. You value communication, so you keep lines of communication open with employers and the Will Reed team.

What if I'm not actively looking?
No problem. We aren't pushy and work with your timeline. If you're not ready to make an immediate move we will 'very' occasionally send you opportunities even if you're just curious to know what's out there. We are most interested in just getting to know you. Think of us as your lawyer or financial advisor--we're here when you need us with expert recommendations.

What does it cost?
Nothing for you, the candidate. We have already pre-negotiated a commission rate with the employer we work with so there is a clear zero-step pathway to get you hired without conflicts-of-interest. In fact, we are incentivized to get you the highest salary possible as many of our agreements are percentage-based.