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Distinguished Sellers Club Information

The Distinguished Sellers Club (DSC) is a quarterly conversation series held for the Top 30 under 30 Sellers in Dallas, Texas. It can sometimes act as a catalyst for an accelerated hiring process with top tech companies

Why is there is a "featured" company?

Using the DSC, Will Reed aims to give distinguished sellers an inside look at some of the top tech companies in the area prior to entering a formal interview process. It is a great opportunity to get to know impressive leadership at lucrative companies in a more casual setting.

What companies will be featured?

Every company we feature at the DSC must adhere to these attributes:

  • High-growth
  • VC backed
  • Technology company
  • Strong track record of internal promotion
  • Actively hiring

Will Reed will announce the featured companies on a quarterly basis.

How were member selections made?

Candidates nominated for the DSC exhibit strong career management, success in sales, and are recognized by their peers for great sales success.

Is this a recruiting event?

Yes, but consider it a "preview" recruiting event. Preview recruiting event means you are getting to get a taste of whether of not you like the company, learn from sales leaders, and network with sales people. You are only in the formal interview process if you and the company mutual select one another to move forward. 

What does the DSC entail?

For attendees, the DSC is an opportunity to eat good food, drink wine, network with fellows sales people, hear advice about how to manage your career, and get exclusive access to top tech companies you may want to work at some point in the future.

Does it cost money to attend?

No, but we do expect attendees to maintain a professional code of conduct in terms of how they manage conversations with prospective employers and subsequent follow-up. Future event invitations will be dependent upon good feedback from sponsoring companies.

What do I have to do to attend?

Candidates must RSVP and speak with a Will Reed Jobs representative. 

How many spots are there?

There are 30 spots available per event. These spots are reserved for the nominated distinguished sellers.

What if I get waitlisted?

Due to the limited number of spots, additional nominees who would like to attend might be waitlisted. In this case, candidates can wait for a spot to open or request to be nominated for future events.

More questions?

Please feel free to reach out to