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Our mission.

In a world full of commissioned recruiters and apathetic Human Resource departments, we exist to empower individuals to take a dignified next step in their careers.

Our mission has led us to build a company with an entirely new and redemptive approach to the otherwise transactional recruiting industry. At the end of the day, we want to place the best people in the best jobs, so we cultivate a community of respect and individualism. Our processes are carefully designed to partner with our candidates through one of the most important decisions in their lives--a career change.


A different approach to recruiting.

Before jumping to conclusions about what you think a recruiting firm is all about, hear us out a bit.

By the people, for the people.

In a sense, recruiters are also in sales. Most sales roles are highly transactional, and the majority of recruiters are no exception. We think the approach should be different because what we are selling is different.  Don’t get us wrong--we obviously think the sales profession is a great one--but we are not selling products that will be obsolete next month. We’re responsible for stewarding a person’s vocational calling. Because of this, we empower our team to be the coaches and allies of those we represent. This philosophical shift changes the way we relate to both clients and candidates, and it is truly what separates Will Reed Jobs from the rest.


More is more.

We are a placement firm, not a staffing firm. Big difference. Our agreements with our clients are structured so that if our candidates make more money, we do too. The client directly pays us--we aren’t skimming money off the top of our candidates’ salaries. In contrast, staffing firms take a percentage of their candidates' actual earnings, so they literally are incentivized to pinch their candidates' pay as much as possible. Not fun. Our approach ensures we are always aligned to the same goal as our candidates.


People behind the company.

We are an investor-backed venture that started in 2015. 



Paige Robinson

Founder, CEO
Paige is the Founder and CEO of Will Reed Jobs. She is passionate about helping salespeople recognize their vocational calling and enjoys working on that daily at Will Reed. Prior to Will Reed, Paige worked at Alvarez & Marsal, where she assisted her clients with complex business problems, focusing on HR strategy and technology. Her entrepreneurial ambitions started early. In college, Paige enjoyed working with an established entrepreneur to start a frozen yogurt company that became the largest distributor of yogurt in Texas. She lives in Houston and is married to her best friend.

Board & Advisors



Kyle is an active Partner in private equity fund and a private investor in various ventures including startups.



Loopback Analytics' CEO
After a successful tech exit, Neil now leads a disruptive tech company in the healthcare industry.

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Facebook Executive
Erik is on the leadership team at Facebook and is a private investor in various ventures including startups.


Venture Capitalist
Christophe is an active venture capitalist, having founded and sold a UK recruiting startup.