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Sales Development Rep. . .

The front line of sales! You'll be responsible for prospecting and qualifying new leads at the top of the funnel.

Inside Sales. . .

The deal liaison. This role is typically supporting a field rep and participating in the entire sales cycle, getting exposure to larger clients.

Account Executive. . .

The closers. Prospecting may be involved, but you'll mostly be handling deals from lead to close..

Account Manager. . .

The customer's ally. This role can have many meanings depending on the company, but is typically the ongoing, relational customer partner.

Enterprise Executive. . .

Rolling in the big leagues. You'll sell higher-priced products to larger companies with longer sales cycles. Fewer deals, bigger commissions.

Customer Success Manager. . .

The key to happy customers. After deals close, this role ensures customers are successful in implementing and using the product.

Sales Trainer. . .

The student becomes the teacher. If you've proven yourself in the sales world, it may be time to show other salespeople how it's done.

Sales Leadership. . .

The leader of leaders. This is a great opportunity for more experienced salespeople to implement sales strategies and lead teams.

Marketing. . .

The sales wingman. In today's world, sales and marketing work hand-in-hand. This role is great for content creators.

Other Sales Type Roles. . .

The right fit. Even if you're unsure about what you'd like to do, we can help you get your foot in the door at high growth tech companies.


Real Will Reed Stories

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Yashera, Sales Development Rep - Box
"I worked with Will Reed to transition from a startup to a larger organization, BOX. They helped me tell my story in a compelling way."

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 6.46.41 PM.png

Catherine, Inside Sales - AppDynamics
"I was interested in transitioning into a new industry and Will Reed presented an opportunity that I otherwise would not have landed on. They provided coaching and truly set me up for success through every step in the process. I love my new job at AppDynamics!"

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Jackie, Marketing - The Mercury Fund
"When I was in the process of job searching, Will Reed was able to connect me with people I could not have met on my own. They professionally and sufficiently prepared me for every stage of the interview process and helped me secure the job I was looking for. Working at Mercury Fund is the best experience I could ask for and Will Reed helped me find it!"

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 6.46.53 PM.png

Tess, Account Executive - MongoDB
"I couldn't be happier in my new career at MongoDB and it is largely due to Will Reed's efforts. The team of professional recruiters understood my experience and the company’s requirements in a candidate for a successful match."

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 6.47.35 PM.png

Matthew, Business Development - HotSchedules
"I can't thank Will Reed enough for taking the time to really understand my experience and potential. They did a great job of translating that effectively to my current employer, helping both sides determine the right role for me. Thanks for believing in me!"


A world-class job-finding experience.

1. We've Done The Hard Work

There's a lot of noise out there. Quit wasting time tabbing through pages and pages. The clients we work with have been pre-vetted and are actually worth looking into. If we wouldn't work there ourselves, we won't show it to you.

2. You're A Person, Not A Robot
Tired of feeling like a number? We get it. You may have even avoided recruiters in the past because you feel like they're more concerned with their commission than your career. We'll actually listen to you. Our structure makes us money only when your thriving in your new role.

3. Get To The Top Of The Stack

We don't help everyone--only reputable sales professional with proven-track records. Guess who else knows that? The employers we work with, which means they seriously consider everyone we recommend. We pride ourselves on giving you the very best chance in the marketplace.


We are building a community, not a database.

Our relationship can begin before you're even looking and it doesn't end after you land the gig.  As our client, we're invested in your career's long-term career success. Think of us like you think of your financial advisor or attorney--a partner that offers continued counsel.


Have we sparked your interest?

One of our team members can help you decide if we are the right partner for your career progression, whether that’s now or later (you don't have to be actively looking).

If there's a good mutual fit, you'll join our community and begin the Will Reed experience. You’ll periodically get invited to exclusive events in your city, receive job opportunities tailored for you when ready, and gain ongoing career advice.


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